Big Changes Ahead


So another season is soon upon us and the Seattle Mariners have a new manager. Lloyd McClendon may not have been the splashiest candidate out there but I think he’s the right man to take over this franchise for now. But there’s bigger news on the horizon…

A new ownership likely to be coming, and a new president finally to take over the reins of the Seattle Mariners. Chuck Armstrong has seen the Mariners go from really bad to really good… And now back to really bad. He’s now in his 70s, and as of yesterday… he’s finally deciding to call it quits at the end of January.

For me, it’s tough to describe how I truly feel about Chuck Armstrong. The Mariners have been in disarray for more seasons then they have been on top. He saw the likes of Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson and A-Rod become stars in the Emerald City. Unfortunately, he has seen the likes of Jeremy Reed, Scott Spiezio and Chone Figgins amongst many many many more busts. His track record leans very in the middle with it now going back down.

I will applaud him for the good but I will shake my head for the bad. The Mariners need to guess right in this next hire. I am however worried that Howard Lincoln is still in charge and many of these recent team lapses fall on his lap. For me to really feel like this franchise is ready to change… the whole top of the organization needs a reboot. For now, the Mariners are stuck in neutral.

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Mariners Lose in Epic Fashion

Felix Pitches a GemHow bad of a loss was that?

Leading 7-2 in the 9th inning and after seeing the Red Sox flail for the first 7 innings against Felix… the Mariners blew. Epically blew.  I’ve been watching/studying/loving/creating content for this team for what seems like my entire life. I was born in Seattle, I’ll probably die somewhere near Seattle. I love my region. I love my team. All teams will have terrible losses; it’s the law of averages. But this… man oh man, this one was impossible to swallow.

Time after time it seems like this happens when Felix pitches. Yes, giving up SIX runs in the bottom of the 9th inning is terrible… BUT when what feels like a GUARANTEE victory, and well-deserved win, for The King is taken away… it’s Continue reading

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30 Years of Life with The Mariners

ImageJune 24, 2013 marks my 30th birthday.  For all intense and purposes, I have been a fan of the Mariners my entire life.  (My parents would probably tell you I had baby clothes with the old pitchfork logo on them.)  It’s a big birthday and I’ve been wondering lately how historic June 24th might actually be.

To my surprise, it’s Continue reading

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2013 Mariners: After Their First 7


So after their first 7 games of 2013 (3-4 record)… what do we know about the Seattle Mariners?

- Mike Morse has legit power.  Not quite the guy we all remember trading to the Nationals for Ryan Langerhans.  It’s a welcoming sign!Mike Morse -1st HR of 2013

- Felix Hernandez will go down as the greatest Seattle Mariner pitcher ever.  I never thought Randy Johnson would be eclipsed, but it’s Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Tecmo Super Bowl Perfection

Real Talk: I dedicate this blog post to my brother Rob. Due to complications to his eyes from diabetes, he will never be able to play this game the way he once could. He made this game fun and enjoyable and I can’t thank him enough on the impact he had on my life in regards to the world of video games and much more.

I grew up in Seattle, Washington and playing video games is one of my fondest memories. Not just playing any game, but sharing a Nintendo with my brother. If not for sports, I’d say the love of video games is what we could relate to the most while growing up. We had a lot of games combined and therefore we played A LOT. We had Nintendo Power magazine; we were hooked. But I know for a fact there is one game, and one game only, that brought out our sibling rivalry like none other.

Tecmo Super Bowl

This is a game we spent countless hours

Continue reading

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2012 MLB Season Awards

I decided to throw my two cents into the mix on who should win the illustrious awards in Major League Baseball for 2012.  I kind of feel like I went with the general opinion on a lot of these, but when they’re obvious… they’re obvious, right?

Let’s see if you agree… Continue reading

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7 Up, 7 Down: Mariners Games I Attended In 2012


For a good portion of the 2012 season I was still working for the local TV station that airs Seattle Mariner baseball.  Even on off days, I would request company tickets and attend a game as a fan.  Yes, even on days off… I chose to watch baseball.  It’s a sickness, but a good sickness.  What can I say, I love the game.

After I left the company in mid-August, my love for the game of baseball did not stop.  I ended up making it to seven Mariner home games this year and wanted to share with you on how I fared as a fan; it wasn’t pretty until the very end.

Play ball!

Continue reading

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Seattle Red Sox or Boston Mariners?

I was doing some number-crunching and the last time the Boston Red Sox completed a season under .500? 1997 – when they went 78-84.

I remember in the mid 90’s it seemed like a lot of ex-Mariners were Red Sox or vice versa.  It kind of reminds me of the current Cleveland Indians (seem like ALL ex-Mariners/farmhands).

So it was time to look back at the 1996 Red Sox specifically.  Why 1996?  The year after they made the playoffs and the year the M’s stole Jamie Moyer Continue reading

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8/29/91 – A Day That Changed My Life

Today is a celebration of life. That’s the case for me every year on this particular date.  I’ve had this one marked on my calendar for a long time.  The day of August 29th is a day of remembrance, a day of reality and a day I’ll never forget.

If you only read one thing that I ever write, please let it be this “real life” post.  It’s from my heart and something that means so much to me that I truly cannot pen all of my emotions. This is my story of a serious, life-altering, scary, unique portion of my life in 1991.

“Through Baseball Comes Survival”


Many things in life we feel we have control over. We can prepare, practice, and do repetitive things over and over in anticipation. But for some things, to use a sports analogy, the ball is taken from you on the mound and the remaining innings are out of your control. Life has an interesting even flow to it. Some people get dealt a great hand and some have what seems like never-ending bad luck. But it’s when adversity strikes and you bounce back with a resounding effort to turn the tables in your direction, when you can really appreciate something for what it is.

I will always remember the date of August 29th for one main reason: Survival. Continue reading

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Felix Hernandez: Simply Perfect


Wow!  Felix Hernandez was already an elite pitcher in professional baseball when he woke up today… but today, I’ve never seen better.  It was unbelievable!!!  He is a big-game pitcher with amazing stuff and he continued to baffle the Rays from the words “play ball!” Continue reading

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