An Evening in Everett With The AquaSox

Everett AquaSox

On Monday night I ventured up to Everett, WA to watch the Mariners short season A-ball team the Everett AquaSox. I’ve lived in Western Washington for my entire life (sans 4 years of college) and never made it up to see them play.

I’m really glad I did. The weather was perfect. I sat front row in the “Diamond Club” right next to the AquaSox dugout; a perfect seat for any ballgame. (Big thanks to J-Smooth!)

I knew the team’s ballpark was awesome because the first thing I saw when I sat down was a large “Alfy’s Pizza” billboard in right field. Alfy’s Pizza is and most likely will forever be my favorite pizza place! I didn’t try any ballpark food, but the beer was good!

Alfy's Pizza

Another observation that stuck out to me was Everett’s opponent; the Vancouver Canadians. The interesting thing about them is that they actually use the American way of spelling “Canadians” opposed to the NHL franchise in Montreal that spells it with an -E (Canadiens). Ohh the things I pay attention to…

And I now have an AquaSox cap! It’s so awesome. I really love it. Yes, love.

August 2, 2010 - Canadians vs AquaSox

A quick observation for some of the Sox:


OF Ryan Royster gives me a Juan Pierre vibe. He looks fast and gets out of the box really well, but doesn’t have a whole lot of stolen bases. He was the Mariners’ 13th round selection in June 2008. This is his 3rd season in Everett (with a taste of Clinton in 09).

Kevin Mailloux
3B Kevin Mailloux (May-you) was the Mariners’ 45th round pick of the 2009 draft. He reminds me of Scott Podsednik. So far I’ve compared two players with absolute base-burners, but yet neither one of them steal many bases. Some scout I’d make, right?

Kevin Rivers

The real offensive threat in the AquaSox lineup is none other than non-drafted free agent OF Kevin Rivers. This is his second season with Everett and his 2nd go-around has been stellar. He is the team leader in HR (7), tied in 1st in RBI (28), and is the team leader with a .328 AVG. He bats left-handed, which will always make you stick out just a little bit more. I don’t want to get wrapped up in the whole “it’s only A-ball” when looking at his stats, but you love to see players like Rivers who unfortunately was never drafted, but yet can put together a great start to his minor league career.

It was an exciting night. I’m hopeful to get in another game up there before the 2010 season goes to wraps. If you’re ever in Everett and love baseball, it’s a cool venue right off the freeway. Go check it out!

Special shoutout goes to Willy Kesler, the Mariners 18th rounder in 2010 out of New Mexico. He didn’t pitch Monday night but myself and some fellow “Seattle Tweeps” got to hangout with him after the game. He’s a really cool dude and you can follow him at @wkesler on Twitter. I even have an autographed card that I promised to put on the front of my refrigerator, not on the side next to the bread box.

Another special shoutout to the impromptu Tweetup that took place. It’s always enjoyable for me to meet other baseball die-hards like myself. Good times!


2 comments on “An Evening in Everett With The AquaSox

  1. Nice write-up. I’m going to bookmark your blog. You’ve got a very pleasant writing style. Love positive vibes in writing! It was nice to meet you last night. #GoTwitter connects M’s fans, who’d’ve thunk it? #UnleashTheE
    I do wish we’d have seen Steven Baron behind the plate last night. A #1 pick. Saw him once at Spring Training and he did impress me as a kid with good work ethic and ready to learn and grow in the organization.

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