Mariners At The 2011 Break

When the Mariners lose, I lose. I’m so invested into this team socially, financially, and for life-y. I’ll buy into the youth movement. I’ll believe in Jack Zduriencik. I’ll believe that losing seasons will subside eventually and the Mariners will return to the postseason. But until this team corrects a few BIG things on offensive, as Eric Wedge says, we’re going to be “grinding” for the foreseeable future.

The Mariners played over three months of baseball until they finally got to play in Anaheim against the Angels. Let’s just say nobody had “Goin’ Back To Cali” by The Notorious B.I.G. on their iPod after enduring the loss on Sunday; a 4-game sweep. They were swept away. They were pummeled by the long ball. Most hope was/felt severely dashed for whatever “hope” was left as a surprise contender for the A.L. West. The M’s were definitely not “going, going” in Cali.

Yes, I know we still have plenty of baseball left to go. But have you looked at the schedule? July could be one of the worst months to endure as a Mariners fan. There are no “easy” teams left. The road trip I have feared since the 2011 schedule was released looms: at Toronto, at Boston, at New York. You want some of that? Yikes.

3 teams that can absolutely smash the ball, at their place, with the M’s showcasing the worst offense in the game. The pitching staff MUST continue to pull Houdini acts (like they have all season) to avoid something horrific. 9-game trip? I’d be surprised if the M’s went 3-6 but maybe 1-8? 

(Note: Please stun me M’s and go 7-2!)

I hope I’m wrong, I really really do. But after watching this team the last week at Oakland and at Anaheim, I can’t put on some fake front that I feel this offense will turn it around in offensive friendly stadiums.

The Mariners have been to LAA and TEX this season and have ZERO home runs to show for their time there.

The Mariners were 8-15 and 16-23 at points in this season. They bounced back with some good pitching… but to reach (and ideally stay) at .500 would be quite an accomplishment for 2011.



Ichiro is on pace to play 160 games this season. Projected end of year stats: .270 AVG, 180 hits, 2 HR, 41 RBI, 41 stolen bases

Justin Smoak is on pace to play 150 games this season. Projected team leader in RBI with 77.

(Note: The last #Mariners hitter to surpass 100+ RBI in a season was Raul Ibanez with 117 in 2008)

Miguel Olivo is on pace to play 133 games this season. Projected team leader in home runs with 22.

– Despite the Mariners obvious power outage, they are not last in home runs. 1. Padres: 48, T-2. Astros/Athletics: 50, 4. Twins: 54, 5. Mariners: 55



– Tied for 5th in the league in ERA; Phillies – 3.02 ERA, Braves – 3.11 ERA, A’s – 3.14 ERA, Giants – 3.19 ERA, Mariners/Padres – 3.23 ERA

– Have thrown the fewest pitches of ANY team this season — Mariners: 12,375, Yankees: 12,536, Rays: 12,553

– Allowed the 2nd fewest walks this season — Phillies: 226, Mariners: 236, Indians: 245. Most? Cubs: 349

– Lead the league in innings pitched by starters: Mariners: 607.0 IP, Angels: 605.1 IP, Phillies: 598.1 IP.  The least? Orioles: 477.1 IP


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