Another Amazing Night in Everett

Webbly and I before the game!

It was an absolutely picture perfect night for a baseball game.  The sky was so blue.  The weather never felt like it dipped below 70 degrees.  It was “Thirsty Thursday”, which if you know me, definitely brought a smile to my face.  I got to take somebody to their first AquaSox game (I think she liked it!).  But on top of all of this, when it actually came to game action, everybody in the Everett Memorial Stadium on Thursday, August 25th, may have witnessed greatness.

Maybe I’m jumping way ahead of myself here (and I’ve always used the disclaimer of by no means do I play the role of scout) but Jose Campos’ outing was an absolute treat.  He pounded the strike zone, his swag level was off the charts, and it looked as if the Yakima Bears really couldn’t find any rhythm.  He was nasty.

Photo courtesy of Jen Howson

Campos’ line: 8 IP, 4 H, 2 R (0 ER), BB, 12 K — Lowered season ERA to 2.12

He’ll go down in the box score as the losing pitcher but he was anything but a “loser” on Thursday night.  The powers that be who work for the Everett AquaSox came up with another gem of a promotion: “Campos’ Court”.  There were probably 2,500 fans at the game but nestled away in a corner behind the opponent’s dugout/1st Base line lied “The Court”.  If you’ve ever witnessed “The King’s Court” in regards to Felix Hernandez, then you know what this is all about.

Photo courtesy of Jen Howson

The AquaSox lost the game 6-0 (it was close til the 9th inning) but it was an incredible evening.  I witnessed an incredible pitching performance by a recently turned 19-year-old (7/27/92).  Could he ascend to the top of the Mariners minor league prospect chart?  Hopefully so!

2011 with Everett: 13 starts, 5-4, 2.12 ERA, 82 K in 76.1 IP, only 11 walks

Photo courtesy of Jen Howson

I had yet another amazing night in Everett.  Great people to spend a game with!  Great service by the entire AquaSox staff!  Great to see the birth of “Campos’ Court” and a great young propsect I finally got to see in-person, who lived up to the hype and then some.

The bats were silent on this night but Jabari Blash is “one to root for”.  He has an aura about him where you think to yourself “this guy LOOKS like a baseball player”.

*IF* this is my final AquaSox game of the season (fingers crossed for playoffs!), I went out with a bang.  It’s nights like these that I can really sit back and say “Damn, today was a good day!”

P.S. – Yes, I made my pregame meal Alfy’s Pizza.  I love that place oh so much!


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