The Day the Seattle Mariners Win the World Series

The day the Seattle Mariners win the World Series.

Where will I be?  At what stage in my lifetime does this happen?  For all that we’ve been through, jealous of those who did it before, no more wasted time.  All I’d see in my vision is “champions”.

I want this so bad.  I want that uncanny feeling of enlightenment that comes in sports when winning a world championship.  To taste from the cup of victory as a fan, at the highest level within a sport I would never want to live without. Baseball has kept me going my entire life.  In good times, in bad times, in just passing the time times; it has been my rock.  The Seattle Mariners have me forever. They have my fandom and allegiance until the day I die.

The magical run in 1995 made winning a baseball championship in this city a reality.  A downtrodden franchise proved that eventually darkness would turn into light; they had a chance.  And honestly, one thing I have learned in life and constantly get reminded of is the fact that sometimes all you need is one chance.

Moving to Safeco Field made the Mariners feel like a real team in a city that cared.  I enjoyed many games in The Kingdome, but something about a fresh, new, state of the art facility pushed this franchise into contender mode.  The city became hungry.  The team fed them well.

2001 will never happen again.  It just won’t.  The worst part about that entire season is the simple fact they didn’t finish.  They went from April to September kicking ass and taking names but stumbled to play the style of game that led them to 116 wins.  Sadly, the team we saw all season long was not the one we witnessed in the playoffs .  Despite that feeling of “incomplete” that hovered over the Pacific Northwest, visions of better days danced in our heads.  It went from “they” to “we”.  It went from “them” to “us”.

10 long years have rolled by since my beloved franchise reached the playoffs.  Does it seem that long?  Yes, it really does.  I reflect back on what my life was like 10 years ago… wow. A lot of great memories have passed through that timeline. But I have a void.  I have an itch.  I want them to give me more hope.  I want October playoff baseball.

First and foremost, they need to build themselves into a competitor.  They’re going to need to be lucky.  Stars will need to align.  Safeco Field needs to be a home field advantage.   Seattle will need to be an ideal home for free agents.  These free agents will need to be booms, not busts.  October baseball will need to be more than 3 games.

The day the Seattle Mariners win the World Series, I hope I’ll be here.  I need to look no further than what Chicago Cubs fans have suffered for 100+ years; there’s no guarantee the law of averages of time will be in your favor.  The Florida Marlins have 2 championships and roughly 20,000 fans.  Baseball can be a funny game, but it will forever have my sports heart.

The day the Seattle Mariners win the World Series, my eyes will swell with tears of euphoria.  I will feel vindicated.  I will feel full.  I will feel complete.  It will be an incredible day.  It will probably be raining.  And not just a slight drizzle, probably a downpour that feels like it is blowing from all four sides.  But it will be a day of not just northwest rain… but a day of a Northwest Reign.

The day the Seattle Mariners win the World Series, everything I have invested into this team will flash before my eyes.  This franchise is more than just a ballclub.  It’s my passion.  It’s my employment.  It’s my life.  The seasons change but I keep coming back for more.  I’ve hollowed out incredible memories through baseball.  And from my love for baseball, I’ve met someone I truly love.  Baseball continues to bless me.

The day the Seattle Mariners win the World Series, everything will feel alright.  I hope you’re there with me.


3 comments on “The Day the Seattle Mariners Win the World Series

  1. i have been a seattle mariner fan for my whole life born and rasied in seattle ive been waiting a very long time to seee them in the world series great post they will do it maybe not in 2 years but they will when they do i will have ters of joy love that team

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