The 2015 Mariners So Far


At the time of this post, the Mariners sit at 5-8 in the early part of the 2015 season.  A lot of national publications picked this team to do some very big things this year.  Is the sky falling on those early predictions?  No, not yet.

They play 162 games for a reason (whatever reason that is, I’m not 100% sure, but that’s how it is.)  There have been some things to really like so far about Seattle’s season and some that have left a lot to be desired.  Offense has been a problem for so long that many fans forget what it’s like to string together 4 or 5 games in a row with 5+ runs.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.25.01 PM

The Mariners have done a good job of hitting (NELSON CRUZ!!!) but the pitching sans Felix has been pretty awful.  2014 spoiled us with incredible historical numbers from both the starters and the bullpen.  My biggest worry entering 2015 was the Continue reading

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Anything Can Happen


The NFC Championship game between the Seahawks and Packers was the first time I ever had the chance to attend a Seahawk playoff game.  I went into the game feeling so proud of the team and very confident they would play their style of football at home.  What I got instead was something so so so much more.  Simply put, I’ll never forget it as long as I live.

Sports have been such an instrumental thing in so much of my life.  It has been an outlet for entertainment, it has kept my mind occupied in the darkest of hours, it has provided me instant conversation with friends, strangers and passersby that say “Go (insert team here)!”.  My passion led me to meet my future wife and create incredible friendships along the way.  Much like a season, in life there will be ups and downs, regardless of win-loss outcomes, you will have grown.  I grew on Sunday.  My belief grew on Sunday.

2I’ll never be able to tell you how many games I have watched, hours I have spent watching Sportscenter, or times I worked an event… but I can tell you this, I’ll never see that again. It defied my sports logic.  It wasn’t that I sat at Centurylink Field cursing their names or booing them off the field; it was heartbreak.  This team has made fans like me all over the Continue reading

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RIP Tony Gwynn: A Surreal Night at Safeco Field

tony-gwynnOn June 16th, I woke up to the unfortunate passing of one of the greatest baseball players to ever live.  Tony Gwynn was gone too soon at the age of  54 due to cancer.  I’ve penned many baseball blogs and the impact it has played on my life.  When cancer then sneaks into that conversation, it stings me even more; I hate that disease.

Tony Gwynn was a class act.  He played the game the right way.  The baseball world lost a true icon and a member of baseball royalty.  “Mr. Padre” as he was known to many, will never be forgotten.  Greatest hitter during my lifetime.

The Padres just arrived to Seattle for a very brief two game series.  I was a last minute fill-in to work statistics for the Padres broadcast and I knew it would be unlike any game I had ever worked.  I wanted to pay tribute to Tony Gwynn and I knew exactly what I was going to do.


I moved into my new house about three weeks ago and I had unearthed my baseball card collection that I had boxed up and put into storage.  I went into my garage, found an old binder and took out two sleeves of Tony’s cards.  I displayed them next to my “desk area” once I arrived at the stadium. Continue reading

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1984 Mariners Flashback: Motor City Kitties Fear Kingdome

Mariners 1984Last night the Seattle Mariners and Houston Astros had a “Turn Back the Clock” Night in Seattle.  I’ve always been a fan of these types of games as they pay homage to the rich history of baseball. Unfortunately the Mariners played like they did in 1979 (67-95 record) and lost to the worst team in the league. But hey, that’s baseball. Continue reading

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Pac-12 Mariners

003 I’ve often wondered how many Pac-12 guys have come through the Emerald City?  Well, I finally sat down and did some research.

Now I’m sure the Mariners have had their fair share of Pac-12 draft picks due to proximity, familiarity, a whim, and of course, overall talent. I haven’t mustered the time or energy just yet to find out how many TOTAL Pac-12 players the Mariners have “selected” in drafts, but I did do some research on how many Pac-12 players have actually played for the team during its history. Continue reading

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30 Years of Life with The Mariners

ImageJune 24, 2013 marks my 30th birthday.  For all intense and purposes, I have been a fan of the Mariners my entire life.  (My parents would probably tell you I had baby clothes with the old pitchfork logo on them.)  It’s a big birthday and I’ve been wondering lately how historic June 24th might actually be.

To my surprise, it’s Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Tecmo Super Bowl Perfection

Real Talk: I dedicate this blog post to my brother Rob. Due to complications to his eyes from diabetes, he will never be able to play this game the way he once could. He made this game fun and enjoyable and I can’t thank him enough on the impact he had on my life in regards to the world of video games and much more.

I grew up in Seattle, Washington and playing video games is one of my fondest memories. Not just playing any game, but sharing a Nintendo with my brother. If not for sports, I’d say the love of video games is what we could relate to the most while growing up. We had a lot of games combined and therefore we played A LOT. We had Nintendo Power magazine; we were hooked. But I know for a fact there is one game, and one game only, that brought out our sibling rivalry like none other.

Tecmo Super Bowl

This is a game we spent countless hours

Continue reading

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8/29/91 – A Day That Changed My Life

Today is a celebration of life. That’s the case for me every year on this particular date.  I’ve had this one marked on my calendar for a long time.  The day of August 29th is a day of remembrance, a day of reality and a day I’ll never forget.

If you only read one thing that I ever write, please let it be this “real life” post.  It’s from my heart and something that means so much to me that I truly cannot pen all of my emotions. This is my story of a serious, life-altering, scary, unique portion of my life in 1991.

“Through Baseball Comes Survival”


Many things in life we feel we have control over. We can prepare, practice, and do repetitive things over and over in anticipation. But for some things, to use a sports analogy, the ball is taken from you on the mound and the remaining innings are out of your control. Life has an interesting even flow to it. Some people get dealt a great hand and some have what seems like never-ending bad luck. But it’s when adversity strikes and you bounce back with a resounding effort to turn the tables in your direction, when you can really appreciate something for what it is.

I will always remember the date of August 29th for one main reason: Survival. Continue reading

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Felix Hernandez: Simply Perfect


Wow!  Felix Hernandez was already an elite pitcher in professional baseball when he woke up today… but today, I’ve never seen better.  It was unbelievable!!!  He is a big-game pitcher with amazing stuff and he continued to baffle the Rays from the words “play ball!” Continue reading

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Forever A Winner: John Leroy

I love the game of baseball; I always will. I also love where I grewup and naturally relate to those things and people around me that are also from my hometown/region. I remember hearing about this next story I’m about to share back when it happened… but I never got around to doing much “research” about John Leroy. After I did, my heart sank.

Continue reading

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