30 Years of Life with The Mariners

ImageJune 24, 2013 marks my 30th birthday.  For all intense and purposes, I have been a fan of the Mariners my entire life.  (My parents would probably tell you I had baby clothes with the old pitchfork logo on them.)  It’s a big birthday and I’ve been wondering lately how historic June 24th might actually be.

To my surprise, it’s not a very “popular” day worldwide.  No really big historical moments occurred (1947 – Kenneth Arnold makes the first widely reported UFO sighting near Mount Rainier, WA) and not a huge list of celebs to party with.  But here are a few:

LIONEL MESSI (Soccer superstar)


JACK DEMPSEY (Boxing legend – 1895-1983)


CHUCK TAYLOR (Basketball player who was the first to endorse a line of shoes with his Chuck Taylor All Stars becoming one of the top selling basketball shoes in history.)


RICH EISEN (ESPN/NFL Network fame)


MICK FLEETWOOD (drummer from Fleetwood Mac)


IAIN GLEN (“new celeb”; TV actor best known for ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Downton Abbey’)


PETER WELLER (He played Robocop!)


TOM LISTER (Deebo from “Friday”)







So after I realized all of that, I turned to my favorite sports team… the Seattle Mariners.  How many gifts have they given me on the day of my birth? Surprisingly, they’ve fared “ok”.

W-L Record on June 24th (since 1983): The Mariners are 9-8 at home and 8-4 on the road (didn’t play on the day every year) — 17-11 during my lifetime.

Note: 2011 was funky.  It was considered a “road” game at Safeco Field vs Marlins.  Marlins hit the road to accommodate U2 playing sold out shows in Miami.


17-11?  Sweet!  That’s definitely better than “ok” by Mariners standards.  So who do I owe the love to for kicking tail on June 24th throughout the years?  Here’s the best of the best on that summer day:

Mariners, Most HR on June 24 – All-Time

  • Raul Ibanez – 3
  • Kenji Johjima – 3
  • Ken Griffey Jr. – 2
  • Edgar Martinez – 2
  • Phil Bradley – 2
  • Bret Boone – 2

Mariners, Most RBI on June 24 – All-Time


  • Edgar Martinez – 8
  • Bret Boone – 7
  • Kenji Johjima – 6
  • Richie Sexson – 6
  • 5 Players – Tied 5

Mariners, Highest BA on June 24 – All-Time
(Minimum 10 PA)


  • Kenji Johjima .778 (7/9)
  • Bret Boone .545 (6/11)
  • Alex Rodriguez .462 (6/13)
  • Bruce Bochte .455 (5/11)
  • Bob Kearney .444 (4/9)

Mariners, Most IP on June 24 – All-Time


  • Randy Johnson 36.0
  • Felix Hernandez 17.0
  • Mike Moore 15.0
  • Jamie Moyer 10.0
  • Freddy Garcia 9.2

30 years down and hopefully many many more to come.  It has been a roller coaster at times but I am definitely in a good spot right now.  Cheers to you and hopefully you’ll be with me in some capacity for many more celebrations.

– Chris


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